Finding supply is easy, finding demand is hard

The world is awash in supply. Think about the product and service that you would like to buy. Right now. You will realize that there are many categories and price points available in the market for anything that you are looking for.

But finding demand is hard. Finding customers is hard. And finding what they want is hard. Especially if you want to figure this out quickly and at scale.

So how to find demand in a world full of supply.

One way to do that is to start small. Start with a small example, a small use case where you know that there is demand. And if you can serve that super small segment of customers, it’s quite possible that there more of these types of customers.

Another way is to use a proxy. What is a proxy? Using a datapoint to figure out the customer type. An example of proxy could be: a person driving an electric car is likely to be a Democrat. Which could lead to selling this person more organic food products etc.

Using proxies can lead us to the the fabled demand land.

It’s not guaranteed. But there are no guarantees in life, are there?